Scholarships for young students in slum areas.

We can clearly see the conditions of the underprivileged slum dwellers in our city; on one side Nagpur is beautiful, with decent living conditions, on the other, those slum people are unbelievably poor, unhealthy and illiterate. Parents come from villages to earn money for better food and education for their children, but they struggle to manage these basic needs. They worry constantly about how they will provide their family’s next meal.

These scholarships are specifically to provide educational support, so we help those who can’t afford school uniforms, shoes, books and bags for their children. PTP have contacted both social welfare offices and private companies for student sponsorship and other financial support for such needs; we raised Rs. 10,000/- in this way, and this has been given to 20 boys and girls.

One of the recipients said: ‘I am so much moved and inspired (to receive my scholarship) that I want to help other poor and needy students to have a brighter future, as PTPS is doing’.

We are raising funds for another 50 students for a year.