Support from Sheffield

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Our team members purchased some of the material and soon going to purchase more in bulk. In our survey, we found more people are in urgent need and we are…

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P2P Relief Team Member

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One of our Corona Virus Crisis Situation Relief Team Member taking care of himself and others by protecting himself in the fieldwork as he is reaching in rural localities and…

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PTP Corona Crisis Relief Work

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We not only are distributing food but also masks to the people in localities and whosoever saw on road without a mask; giving masks. More people need help. This is…

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Home to home delivery of free food

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We are reaching in the home to home delivery of free food distribution as daily wages workers and poor don't have food. Our volunteers are greatly hard working to reach.…

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58 Families reachout

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Today our team reached 58 families. Ramanagar 37, Kumbhare Colony -17, Ananadnagar - 3, and New Khalashi line 1. All the team members are very spirited and helping with full…

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Kumbhare Colony Relief Work

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Ptp Nagpur - we are very happy to share that a generous friend and his wife donated wheat and rice bag at Krutagyata, People to People office today afternoon. We…

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